Matt Miller is a transdisciplinary visual artist with a background in anthropology and finance. 

His artwork, rooted in drawing and painting, combines scientific knowledge with ancestral wisdom. His practice seeks to understand the interconnections of the human race that co-exist in nature and the cosmos. 

During his twelve year professional art career Matt has created hundreds of commissioned works, several murals, installed many solo exhibitions and collaborated in group shows across the United States and abroad. He is currently an Artist INC facilitator, community organizer, and professional artist. Matt graduated with his BSBA from the University of Arkansas (2007).

Art*Ist Statement: 

As a visual artist I am inspired by self discovery and anthropological ideas that drive human behavior. For the past 20 years I have been searching through literature, philosophy, science, and studying human behavior to find connections and universal truths through my practice.

My art practice seeks to understand the interconnections of the human race in nature and the cosmos; I integrate diverse knowledge to unify boundaries between scientific disciplines, ancestral wisdom, spirituality, art, emotions, and mystical experiences.

Within the frame of a canvas, I build a world that is elusive, yet undeniably accessible to the one we live in. I explore the act of silence and meditation as a true source of inspiration. I consider my work to be visual meditations, representing the present mind, an intentional moment, and the pause between habitual patterns. Within my current work I use acrylic paint, thick texture, imagery, and geometric compositions to speak to these ideas.

For me, creating art is not about telling the viewer what to see, but seeking through my conscious experiences, filtering them through my artistic process, and connecting that visual language with my audience.