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Flower Of Life

After almost 12 months of the creative process I finally got to install the painting "Flower of Life" featured below, in its new home. It took many months of faith in the creative process, and an understanding the inner guide doesn't have a timeline. Patience and humility guides us to our current destination, only for us to realize the presence within the journey is all that exist. 

The following is a verbal and a visual representation of my subconscious mind being filtered through the flow of the creative process, which ultimately becomes a painting and its meaning.  

This painting represents the embodiment of expression, using love, compassion, and presence as its guide. The reference point of the soul and the desire to create is the duality that exists within the piece. We take in information only to reflect its impact back as the human condition. The recurring theme of three represents the the idea of living one's duty, embodying that idea, and acting on its inspiration through one's deeds or action. The pyramids represent the manifestation of an idea or a spark of inspiration, connecting it with one's true duty and building it through action. The action is represented by the bottom left half of the painting and the crane like structures throughout the piece represent man's motivation to create; reaching like Icarus toward the heavens, yet only to find out the heavens are within us all along.. Syncing mind, body, and spirit as the theme. 

The source of all creation is represented by the large spiral in the center of the painting, and each other spiral our individual spirits connected to that source. The background design that weaves the painting together is a geometric unifier called the flower of life; the essence of all creation is held in this universal design. It is found within nature, ourselves, and within our universe. 

The flow of the river, dense growth of the forest, and the embers of the fire are based on this blue print of creation. It runs through us all. Examples would be the nataulious shell, center of a sunflower, our finger prints, and DNA our bands, as well as the Milky Way galaxy, all based on this grand design. 

Everything else in the painting is an expression of the source of life, and the vibrations that run through us all, everyone with a different name for it. 

To the vibration that connects us, and the light within us, May our hearts be open, may our soul be full, may our compassion be available, may our love be enough. 

Thank you for taking time and giving your attention.  

matt miller