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Better World Mural

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Terra Studios, Compassion Fayetteville, and 19 local artists have teamed up to create 18 4’x4’ panels for a 32’x12’ mural, which will be permanently installed at Terra Studios. The mission behind the “Better World Mural” is to educate and inspire people to take action for the Charter for Compassion and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, according to a press release.

The Charter for Compassion is based on the principle of compassion that focuses on the understanding and compassion for the self, others, and the planet. It lies at the heart of all religious, ethical, and spiritual traditions. The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by world leaders at a UN Summit meeting in September 2015. It includes the motivation to mobilize efforts to end extreme poverty, fight inequalities, and tackle climate change, according to a press release.

The “Better World Mural” will be unveiled at a celebration ceremony at 12:30 p.m. April 13. The program will start with a musical prelude by John Two-Hawks, followed by a short speech by Mayor Lioneld Jordan and Rev. Lowell Grisham, and conclude with a reception filled with refreshments and music. More information about the free event can be found on the event Facebook page.

Approximately 30 donors, local businesses, and participating artists have sponsored the mural project. The participating artists include Matt Miller, Jaquita Ball, Suzie Sanford, Obed Gonzalez, Carol Hart, Valerie Hubbard Damon, Trent Talley, Olivia Trimble, Eugene Sargent, Octavio Logo, Xi Krump, Brandon Bullette, Susan Crabtree, Jason Jones, Amy Eichler, Lisa Crews, Drew Gentle & Cathrin Yoder, and Susan Idlet.

“When I was asked to be a part of this mural it was a no brainer for me. They asked each artist to choose a category and reflect our ideas in a contributing piece; I chose poverty. I played with the idea that we must look ourselves in the mirror and understand that poverty exist because we as human beings, building societies, allow it to be. With all the technology and agriculture in the world it is a shame that governments and people, including myself, in society allow this to be. This is not a simple problem, but maybe just to make note this is one symptom of the society we chose build. “ Matt Miller

The quote below is the idea behind my painting for the Better World Mural.

Poverty is created by you and me when we don’t share what we have. When our hearts, minds, and economies become more circular and less triangular poverty will mend.
-Matt MIller
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Terra Studios presents the Better World Mural: a plan for a more compassionate future

Northwest Arkansas residents celebrated the unveiling of the Better World Mural at Terra Studios and the hope for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. The mural has 19 separate panels that represent an aspect of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Among these goals are the eradication of poverty, the end of world hunger, inclusive education, and many more.

The ceremony opened with a musical performance by John Two-Hawks who spoke about the great need we have for compassion and empathy. His music addressed themes of nature, gratitude, beauty, and compassion, and Two-Hawks explained their meaning to the audience before his vocal and woodwind performances.

“When we’re connected, close, tied together, we are kinder, gentler, softer,” Two-Hawks said. “Take your shoes and socks off and walk on the ground. You’ll find out it changes the way you walk—you won’t walk so hard anymore because your feet are closer.”

After Two-Hawks’ performance, a group of student volunteers from the University of Arkansas Multicultural Center read the outline for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and described what was being achieved.

“This is how it will get done,” student volunteer Samia Ismail said. “The global goals: a 15-year plan for everyone, everywhere, with no one left behind.”

In addition to the student volunteers, Mayor Lioneld Jordan spoke on the core themes of the unveiling ceremony. Mayor Jordan described how compassion is the root of many initiatives and spoke to Fayetteville’s drive as a community to be a more sustainable and open place.

“We believe in an open heart. We serve rather than being served,” Mayor Jordan said. “You see, folks, I’ve served people all my life, I don’t know anything else. It’s when we serve one another, and we love one another, and we take care of one another; that’s when we truly change the world.”   

The Better World Mural was then blessed and the audience congregated in the wind and rain to watch the banners fall away. Each of the 19 artists created a separate piece of the mural that embodied one of the sustainable development goals that together, give hope for a more compassionate tomorrow.

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Terra Studios is located at 12103 Hazel Valley Road, Fayetteville, AR. 72701.  MARCH 25, 2019 2:05 PM  by   JULIA TRUPP

Terra Studios is located at 12103 Hazel Valley Road, Fayetteville, AR. 72701.

MARCH 25, 2019 2:05 PM


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